Behind the lens:

Forever dancing to raise my serotonin levels.

Hi, I'm Lindsey, 

I was born in a small rural town in Zimbabwe, Africa. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have the possibility to pursue my lifetime goals as a full-time gig, especially not in a small town in Northern Michigan.

I work full-time as a Fashion and Product Photographer & part-time as a Social media and Content creation Manager for Fernhaus Studio, a hospitality group. 

Being self taught,  I have learnt many things along the way and even had a few stumbles but it never stopped my pursuit of creating magic behind a lens. I am proud of every step that it took to get me here - My love story with fashion, began at 16 as a sales advisor working in Topshop in small town in Hertfordshire, England and very quickly and a few years later I became a Visual & window display merchandiser/ Manager - my meticulous eye and attention to detail is both a gift and a curse. 

With 15+ years of photography experience.  My main love is Fashion photography but I am always open to pushing and challenging myself to new projects.

After living in London for Seven Years and NJ/ NYC for 3 years, I am now based in Traverse City, Michigan. 

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